How to Style First Letter in TailwindCSS

Starting the first paragraph with a capital letter or different color has been in trend for so long. TailwindCSS provides a default class that you can use to style the first letter. Almost all the styles available in TailwindCSS, are valid for styling the first letter.

Styling First Letter in TailwindCSS

You can utilize the first-letter class in TailwindCSS to apply any style you want. In the following example, the first letter has a blue color and a different font size.

You can check the working example which will look like the following output.


how to style first letter in tailwindcss

Here is another example to style the first letter in TailwindCSS. In this example, the first letter is having some margin from the right and has float the position to the left. The code for the example is written below.


The output of the above example isstyle first letter with tailwindcss:



The class first-letter is very useful to style the first letter of any paragraph or heading. All the other styles  padding, fontt-size, margin  can be used with first-letter class. You can also see how to style the first line with TailwindCSS to make it different than others.



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