Group Hover Modifier in TailwindCSS – [ Select Group on Hover ]

TailwindCSS group modifier is very helpful in various situations and can minimize a lot of JavaScript code. With the help of a group modifier, you can design hover dropdown menus, a simple tooltip, and a lot more. In this post, you’ll learn almost everything to use group modifiers in TailwindCSS.

What Does Group Hover Modifier Do in TailwindCSS?

The group class allows you to change the style of any child element when any other element hovers in the group. For example, if a div container has a group class and somewhere in the div element you have a button. Now, you want to change the button style when any element of the group container hovers.

How to Use Group Hover Modifier in TailwindCSS

The most common use case where you need a group class is to use with hover modifier. There are many different things you can do by combining hover modifier with group class. Let’s say you want to change the style of a heading inside a div container whenever a user hovers over the element. The following example changes the heading and paragraph style and adds underline class when any part of the div container hovers.

Please check the working example and see the output screenshot below.

Using Group Modifier in TailwindCSS


According to the documentation, you can use the group class with focus , active and other states.


By using group class, you can modify the style of child elements inside the group container with group-hover. There are many use cases for the group class with group-hover like designing a tooltip, creating a hover dropdown menu, etc.

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