Show Hide Element with Checkbox in TailwindCSS

When you are working on a complex UI, you may need to hide or show an element based on a checkbox. Developers often use Javascript for this purpose but this functionality can be achieved with TailwindCSS.

Hiding or Showing Element with Checkbox

TailwindCSS provides peer with different modifiers that you can use to hide or show any element. In this example, a checkbox is used with checked modifier to hide or show an input element. You can check the code below and also the working example online.

The peerwith different modifiers will only work on sibling elements. This peer works with every pseudo-class modifier available in CSS, for example peer-focuspeer-required, and peer-disabled.


The peerwith different pseudo-class modifiers can be used with checkedto hide or show an element using TailwindCSS. It helps in adding different elements based on a condition. For example, showing an input if a checkbox is checked, displaying submit button only when the user agrees with terms and conditions.


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