How to Create Parallax Effect in TailwindCSS

The parallax effect is very common on the landing page in modern websites. It adds a unique look to the website that attracts users a lot. You can add a parallax effect on a web page with TailwindCSS.

Creating Parallax Effect with TailwindCSS

To add a parallax effect on a background image, you have to do two steps. First, add a background image using TailwindCSS, and second is to make that image fixed so it sticks to the page. You can also make the background blur if you want to place text on the image.

You can utilize the bg-fixed to make the background image stick to the background. This will create a parallax effect and you can place different sections on it. Here is a simple example of how to make the background image sticky.

Here is the complete code of the working example that you check online as well.

The output of the code will look something like this.

Parallax effect in Tailwind CSS


Creating a parallax effect with TailwindCSS requires two steps. First, add a background image of your choice and the second is to make it stick behind the content. You can add a background image in TailwindCSS and then you can make it sticky with bg-fixed class.

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