Create Hover Dropdown Menus with TailwindCSS

If you are working with TailwindCSS, you might need to hover dropdown menus for your navbar. Building a hover dropdown menu is a little tricky with TailwindCSS.


Before continuing to this tutorial, please make sure you have followed all the steps to install TailwindCSS. You can follow the official documentation to get started with TailwindCSS.

Creating a Simple Menu Item

First, you need to create a simple menu item that will display dropdown menus when hovered. So, go ahead and paste the following code.

The outer div is just a container to make everything in the center. The next div is used to create a group where a single menu item is added. The SVG is just a dropdown icon to tell users they can have other items on mouse hover.

Adding Hover Dropdown Menus with TailwindCSS

Now, copy and paste the following highlighted code under the menu item.


This new code will add 4 different menu items. The container div element having these 4 items is hidden by default. These menu items will be visible when the user hovers over the main menu item. You can see the working example below.

hover dropdown tailwindcss

You can check the demo on If you want to use it, just copy and paste the code to your project.


You can design hover dropdown menus with TailwindCSS. First, you need to group the elements inside a div container and then you can show the items when the user hovers over the element. You can also learn more about group class with the hover modifiers in TailwindCSS.

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